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Triay has been at the forefront of the legal profession in Gibraltar since its inception. The firm’s status & reputation, both locally and internationally, stems from the knowledge, professionalism and culture that has been developed since 1905. The evolution of the firm can now be seen in that whilst adopting principles developed over the previous century and family values, the firm now is much more than a family law firm. It is a full practice law firm catering for the needs of all manner of clients whether local or international. Over the years, our team has grown and is diverse. With the expansion of our team, our firm has become a corporate brand with a commercial and modern outlook to the delivery of legal services. Our goal has been to create teams that reflect the needs of our clients, and to build a working environment that is the right fit for every one of our employees. They ALL form part of the Triay family and are critical to ensuring that we can continue to deliver the same standard of legal services to our clients for many more years.With this in mind, in 2021, the firm rebranded as Triay.

Where it all started
  • 1905

    The firm traces its origins to the practice established in Gibraltar in 1905 by the late Arthur C. Carrara CMG, KC a friend and colleague of Sergio Pelayo Triay QC (the grandfather and great grandfather of the Triay brothers and family). SP Triay QC joined Arthur Carrara in practice in 1926.

  • 1949

    Arthur Carrara died in 1949 which was the same year when JJ Triay joined his father in practice. After Arthur Carrara’s death, the practice was then run by S P Triay QC and his son and became known as Triay & Triay.

  • 1952

    JJ’s brother J E Triay QC joined the firm in 1952 when Triay was already in full swing under his father’s leadership. The firm’s previous name, Triay & Triay, represented the two generations of the Triay family then in practice.

  • 1972

    JE Triay QC became the senior lawyer of the firm in 1972.

  • 1974

    T & T Management Services is created. TTMS offers a secure, professional and confidential service to clients worldwide in the formation and management of companies in Gibraltar and elsewhere.

  • 1991

    Triay merged with Vasquez Benady, a firm which incorporated the practice of Samuel Benady CBE, QC and Sir Alfred J Vasquez. CBE., QC, MA (Cantab).

  • 2012

    Both JE Triay QC and Sir Alfred Vasquez QC sadly passed away in 2012.

  • 2020

    Triay & Triay rebranded as Triay Lawyers Ltd

  • 2021

    Today the firm remains true to its family origins – all of JE Triay QC’s sons are Directors of the firm. Sir Alfred Vasquez QC’s son, Robert Vasquez QC, is a consultant of the firm, having retired recently as a partner, and Sir Alfred’s nephew, Freddie Vasquez QC, is also a Director of the Firm. With the expansion of our team over the years, we have evolved into a firm with a corporate and commercial vision in how we deliver legal services, whilst still maintaining the family values that are engrained in us by our heritage.

Our clients range from international businesses to private companies, governments, charities and private individuals. Due to our commitment to maintaining the highest standards and ethics in our profession; building strong relationships with our clients and our ability to deliver practical and proportionate legal solutions, we remain at the forefront of the profession in Gibraltar with a reputation for legal excellence since 1905.

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