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We have a long tradition and experience in advising clients on all Gibraltar law matters regarding individual tax and residence matters; estate planning and administration; associated tax planning issues as well as advising on the establishment and/or administration of non-charitable and charitable trusts and other philanthropic ventures.

Such advice often involves the use of Gibraltar as a residence of choice for high net worth individuals given the advantages Gibraltar has or the provision of trustee and company management services through T & T Management Services Limited. Therefore, to be able to take advantage of the full benefits that Gibraltar has to offer, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the laws of Gibraltar, which our expert lawyers do.

We regularly work with individuals, families, trust corporations, fiduciaries and other professionals from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures in order to provide bespoke solutions to meet the needs of the client concerned. Our dedicated specialist team is committed to providing an excellent and specialist service to clients worldwide and is internationally recognised as a market leader in Gibraltar.

We believe that the key to delivering successful private client services is a proper understanding of the client’s needs and his or her business so that we can then build a framework to properly structure, safeguard and protect the client and his or her family wealth. Where necessary, which is often the case in the structuring of private client affairs, we work with professionals in other jurisdictions in order to ensure an appropriate recommended course for the client concerned.

Through our own experience and firm understanding of the value of professional ethics, trust, family and tradition, we have a proven track record working successfully with generations of families over time.

We work with individuals, families and organisations on a range of practice areas including:

Family Business Structuring & Tax Planning

Private Wealth Disputes

Fiduciary Services

Gibraltar Tax & Estate Planning

Trust & Estate Administration/Services

Wealth Management

Wills & Probate

Matrimonial Disputes

OUR Private Client Services TEAM

Joseph E. Triay (Melo)


Javier Triay


James Ramagge


Charles Simpson



Joseph A. Gomez CPM
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