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GANT boosts Gibraltar’s Blockchain Ecosystem

02.11.2018 | News

The launch of the Gibraltar Association for New Technologies (GANT), is the latest action that has been taken by HM Government of Gibraltar to strengthen the jurisdiction’s already impressive position in this emerging industry sector.

GANT is a trade association that will act as a forum for policy makers, regulators, educators and professional firms like Triay, which is a leading source of legal advice for firms that are utilising blockchain/DLT and undertaking token sales.

The association will establish formal lines of communication between policy makers and the private sector, with the aim of promoting knowledge and insights, as well as building up trust in the sector.

Gibraltar’s Minister for Commerce, explained GANT’s importance to Gibraltar when he said: “The Gibraltar Association for New Technologies will represent the views of the ever evolving DLT landscape here in Gibraltar and will be a vital component in the continued growth of the sector. This forum will allow the blockchain community to become more closely aligned with the traditional financial services sector here and give confidence to the firms operating in Gibraltar that we are committed to working collaboratively on regulatory and other matters of interest.”

Triay supports the development of professional conduct standards

From Triay’s perspective, the firm sees this as yet another important step in promoting high standards of professional conduct. It will also enhance Gibraltar’s reputation globally and ensure a sustainable future for the jurisdiction as one of the ‘go-to’ places for blockchain-based start-ups.

GANT membership is open to firms that already have, or have applied for, a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) licence in Gibraltar, as well as ICO firms, auditors, lawyers and consultancy firms, and it is anticipated that members will collaborate in updating each other about policy and regulatory matters.

Triay contributes to building blockchain knowledge base

Triay will be among those sharing legal insights and experience that its team has accumulated over decades of being a leading Gibraltar law firm in the financial services sector and over the last 5 years as a result of its involvement in advising companies the blockchain/DLT industry.

Details of GANT membership are available here.


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