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Javi Triay Executive for GANT

23.01.2020 | News

Javi Triay elected to the GANT executive

Triay is delighted to announce that Javi Triay, a senior associate at the firm, has been voted on to the executive of the Gibraltar Association for New Technologies (GANT).

GANT will help to boost Gibraltar’s blockchain status
The Gibraltar government launched GANT in 2018 to help drive forward the Rock’s Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) regime and Fintech industry. In its role as a trade association focused on blockchain technology and the innovations it promises for a range of businesses, particularly those in the financial services sector, GANT will establish formal lines of communication between policy makers and the private sector in Gibraltar’s developing blockchain industry. It also aims to boost public trust in blockchain technology and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the government, the industry and the relevant service sectors.

Albert Isola, Gibraltar’s Minister for Commerce, was quoted as saying at GANT’s launch: “This forum will allow the blockchain community to become more closely aligned with the traditional financial services sector here and give confidence to the firms operating in Gibraltar that we are committed to working collaboratively on regulatory and other matters of interest.”

GANT’s existence is vital to the sound development of the blockchain community, as the Minister says. It will also promote a high standard of professional conduct within the legal teams providing advice to start-ups in the new technology industry choosing to be located in Gibraltar. Thanks are due to the government for its foresight with regard to the potential of this technology, and to lawyers like Javi who have embraced its opportunities.

Javi Triay’s expertise in blockchain-related legal advice
Javi Triay was elected onto the executive for GANT. Javi is part of Triay’s Financial Services/Fintech team and has been instrumental in developing the firm’s Fintech practice. He has been involved in a number of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) launched in Gibraltar, as well as providing the legal know-how necessary to get applications for licences successfully approved by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. He has also advised on cryptofunds and Security Token Offerings (STOs), and he formed part of the team creating the regulations that govern token sales. Javi also assisted with the first ever listed crypto fund in Gibraltar and is currently assisting with the set up of a DLT e-money institution in Gibraltar.

For legal advice in any of the blockchain-related areas, contact Javi Triay, and follow this link for information about membership of GANT.


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