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Update in Parliament in respect of the Co-Ownership Housing Estates

23.05.2022 | News

Update in Parliament in respect of the Co-Ownership Housing Estates

On Monday 16th May 2022, the Honourable Steven Linares MP provided an succinct update in Parliament on the construction of the Co-Ownership Housing Estates. His statement is set out below verbatim.

Bob Peliza Mews

The start of Bob Peliza Mews estate is dependent on the decommissioning and demolition of the Waterport Power Station and the relocation and demolition of AquaGib’s reserve osmosis plant. Over the past months, the necessary assessment and investigations of the Waterport power station have been ongoing and the first of the series of tenders associated with its demolition will be issued in June 2022. In parallel with this, the extent of any ground remediation required will be determined. The findings of the latter will dictate the timings of the site clearance phase. It is expected that the site clearance will be completed in November 2022. After which time, the site will be available to commence the construction of the first phase of the housing estate. The start of the second phase will be dependent on AquaGib’s relocation, which is currently being designed with the plan submission to follow. The whole estate is programmed to take 35 months to construct.

Chatham Views

Similarly, the commencement of Chatham Views is dependent on the clearance of the Westside School and Westside Mews site. There has been delay in completing the latter, due to existing occupiers, but decisions have now been made to finally deal with this. This will now allow the demolition process to begin, so that the site can be cleared. The construction of this estate programme will take 27 months to complete.

Hassan Centenary Terraces

The first phase of Hassan Centenary Terrace project is programmed for completion in July 2023. The second phase of the project is programmed for completion in April 2025.

If purchasers and/or prospective purchasers have any enquiries on the co-ownership housing estates, do not hesitate to contact the Property team who would be happy to assist.


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