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Crypto Regulation Article

Will new cryptoasset regulations act as a deep-cleanse digital detergent, rinsing away flakier offerings and re-positioning credible ones with extra valuation sheen and bounce? And if so, whi

Triay – the ‘go to’ law firm for Gibraltar Crypto Funds

Gibraltar has established itself as the only jurisdiction worldwide to establish a regulatory framework for distributed ledger technology (DLT) businesses, aka ‘blockchain’, and for other cry

Bringing “Tried and Trusted” to token generation events and other blockchain businesses

This year has proved to be an expansive one for Gibraltar. The Rock established itself as a world-leading Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) jurisdiction for blockchain-based companies and a

Annual Golf Day at San Roque Golf Club

One of Triay’s favourite events is its annual golf day. The leading Gibraltar law firm held it this year on 11th May at the San Roque Golf Club.

Fintech Forum 2018 Gibraltar

The Gibraltar International Fintech Forum 2018 attracted over 180 delegates and speakers from around the globe. The opening address was delivered by the Chief Minister and was followed by th

Guarantee for continued access to finance markets until 2020

With negotiations still ongoing for BREXIT and the transition period, some welcome news has evolved whereby the UK has agreed, in principle, to guarantee access to the finance markets until 2

The Distributed Ledger Technology Regulatory Framework in Gibraltar

The Government of Gibraltar has recently passed regulations which extends the scope of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2015 (“POCA”) to cover certain businesses involved with the sale of digital to

Triay contribute to the Fintech edition of the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses Intouch Magazine

Associate Chris Davis recently contributed to the to the Fintech edition of the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses Intouch Magazine. The article centres on the Financial Services (Distr

Triay contribute to the 11th edition of the Mergers and Acquisitions review

Alan Buchanan, partner, and Chris Davis, associate, from Triay’s Corporate & Commercial team have co-authored the Gibraltar chapter in the 11th Edition of The Mergers & Acquisitions R


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