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Gibraltar’s leading legal counsel on DLT regulations for Fintech companies

Gibraltar made headlines worldwide on January 1, 2018 when it became one of the first jurisdictions to pass into law a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Regulatory Framework. This means that firms registered in Gibraltar and using DLT, more commonly referred to as “blockchain”, must apply for a licence from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC). Its primary objective is to protect consumers, and Gibraltar’s reputation, in a new era of digital technology.

The continually evolving digital revolution has created a new wave of businesses using new and exciting forms of financial technology (“Fintech”) to improve the ways in which traditional financial services providers can improve the services and in some cases make the use of their service simpler. This can be evidenced via a simple blockchain-based banking app on a smartphone – seeking to make (the) transactions faster, less costly and more accessible to all (banks more accessible) in this modern age.

Gibraltar’s forward thinking is attracting a host of Fintech businesses, from blockchain startups offering multi-currency digital wallets to innovative payment service providers. At Triay & Triay we bring decades of expertise to this new environment in a way that bridges the gap between conventional finance and Fintech innovation.

Triay and Triay’s FINTECH team forms part of our traditional financial services team.  The firm’s Fintech team has the experience, industry knowledge and commercial understanding to assist these bold entrepreneurs. Our lawyers have also assisted clients, such as payment service providers, with licensing applications and therefore understand the requirements of the licensing process. The team has leveraged its existing knowledge of traditional financial services to assist clients in understanding their regulatory obligations under Gibraltar’s world-leading Distributed Ledger Technology regulations.


We advise:

  • Asset managers;
  • Collective investment schemes;
  • Electronic money providers;
  • Payment services providers;
  • Blockchain based/distributed ledger technology start-ups,


Our experience:

  • Regulatory compliance and advisory;
  • Regulatory licence applications;
  • Token generation events;
  • Commercial technology transactions;

The ever-changing regulatory landscape and framework have led to an industry that is changing and developing at an extremely fast pace.

Triay and Triay’s innovative and practical fintech team are expertly placed to be able to assist you and your client’s needs. For more information please contact the team on the

Triay & Triay is recognised as Gibraltar’s leaders in their field by Legal 500, Chambers, IFLR and Practical Law. It has provided a top quality service for over 100 years by following the principles of Commitment, Creativity, Integrity and Teamwork.


“Gibraltar’s forward thinking regarding the regulation of company’s using blockchain technology proves that one of the world’s smallest jurisdictions is also amongst the most innovative.”

Javi Triay


“There has been an incredible amount of DLT and FinTech company’s making Gibraltar their home. The world is watching Gibraltar and its bold move to become a world-leading blockchain & FinTech jurisdiction.”

Jay Gomez