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We are well equipped to advise on all aspects of residential and commercial property law to ensure our clients understand their rights, obligations and liabilities relating to property acquisition, investment or ownership.

Our property lawyers are market leaders and they regularly advise individuals, developers, banks, governments and investors in relation to property related matters and are experienced across the full range of property types: residential and business premises, shop leases, office leases, restaurant leases, investment and industrial properties, pub leases, clubs and hotels. We also have a wealth of experience in acting for banks in their financing of individual residential properties, commercial properties and large-scale developments.


Purchase and sale of freehold and leasehold commercial, business or residential property.

Acting for lender or borrower in the grant and taking of mortgages or other security for business or residential properties.

Advising commercial landlords on acquisition of business and commercial property and the granting of leases in their developments.

Advising residential landlords on the grant of long leases of apartments and short term lets.

Acting for developers on projects.

Advising business and residential tenants on their rights and obligations under their leases and negotiating their terms.

Advising on transfers of businesses as a going concern or the assignment of leases.

Extensions, renewals and termination of existing leases, and rent reviews.


Planning Issues.

Enforcement of mortgages and security generally.

Landlord and tenant disputes

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